Our Faculty

ALU brings together driven, enthusiastic individuals who are eager to contribute to the future of Africa by working to develop the next generation of African leaders. Our faculty bring a collective wealth of diverse professional experiences, interests, and cultures to facilitate your learning and growth at ALU. They work together to ensure that you get the best education and holistic development.


Khurram Massod

Head of College

Khurram Masood is COO, Head of College and lead faculty member for Data and Decision. The former McKinsey Associate Partner has a degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.


Seth Trudeau

Director of Curriculum Development

Seth Trudeau is the Director of Learning at ALC. He has worked on several projects including a digital product to train African and Latin American surgeons. Seth has a degree in Learning Design and Technology from Stanford University.

Data and Decisions Faculty

Fatoumata Fall

Fatoumata Fall holds a degree in Applied Math from Harvard University. Before ALU, Fatou interned at Dalberg Global Development Advisors and facilitated Algebra and Statistics courses at Harvard College. She is from Senegal.

Edward Opoku

Edward has a degree in Business Administration from Ashesi University. He facilitated courses in Quantitative Methods and Operations Management at Ashesi and worked for a corporate data firm, Asoko Insight, prior to ALU. Edward is from Ghana.

Wilhelmina Zwennes

Wilhelmina is from Ghana and holds a degree in Physics from Clark University with a minor in Mathematics. Prior to ALU, Wilhelmina was an online physics and mathematics tutor for Chegg, an online education platform based in the USA.

Communicating for Impact Faculty

Alyssa Baylor

Alyssa Baylor is one founding faculty of the Communicating for Impact. Alyssa is from New York City, USA. She worked for Teach for America and implemented curriculums for over 100 high schools. She studied International Relations at Trinity College, USA.

Mena Odu

Mena Odu is from Nigeria and was an online manager for an organisation that provides students and prison inmates with library services in her home country. She holds a BA in English and Comparative Literature and Political Science from Columbia University.

Tofik Saad

Tofik Saad is from the United Kingdom and was an English Teacher in South Korea before joining ALU. He also worked as a Project Analyst for American Express. He graduated from South Bank University with a degree in Business Information Technology.

Entrepreneural Leadership Faculty

Katleho Mohono

Katleho Mohono is from South Africa and graduated from Wits University with a double major in Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management. Prior to ALU he was involved in numerous social and entrepreneurial ventures, most importantly Wits Golden Key Thinkers Symposium.

Tsega Tadesse

Tsega is from Ethiopia and has a degree in International Affairs – African Studies and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Richmond, USA. She has over 5 years of experience supporting entrepreneurs & social innovators & founding ventures. Prior to ALU she worked at Ashoka, the largest network of the world’s most innovative social entrepreneurs.

Tolu Agunbiade

Tolu Agunbiade is a technology enthusiast with a passion for education. Before joining ALU, she spent three months in an accelerator program in Chile building her entrepreneurial writing startup, Skrife. Tolu is from Nigeria and has a degree in accounting from the University of Abuja.

Projects Faculty

Hana Shashaa

Hana Shashaa holds a degree in Finance from McGill University in Canada. She worked as a consultant for A.T. Kearney in the Dubai office and interned at Deloitte & Co. in Lebanon and Microfund for Women in Jordan. Hana is from Jordan.

Kwasi Adi-Dako

Kwasi Adi-Dako is from Ghana and holds a degree in Psychology and Business Management from Columbia University, USA. Kwasi worked in Finance and served on the board of Youth for Debate, teaching public speaking in schools across New York.

Sam Miles

Sam Miles is from the USA and has degree in Ethics, Politics & Economics International Energy from Yale University. Prior to ALU he worked as a consultant with Dalberg Global Development Advisors in Dakar, Senegal.