Application Deadlines

Round 1

Round 1 allows you to apply early and receive a decision early. It is particularly useful if you are receiving other university decisions around the same time. Round 1 decisions are non-binding – if you are admitted to ALU you are not required to accept the offer. Neither are you prevented from applying to other universities at the same time.

Online application form deadline6 January 2018
Letter of recommendation deadline6 January 2018
Admissions decisions are made31 January – 7 February 2018
Deadline for student to respond to offer28 February 2018

Round 2

Online application form deadline31 March 2018
Letter of recommendation deadline31 March 2018
Admissions decisions are made2 – 9 May 2018
Deadline for student to respond to offer2 June 2018

Round 3

Online application form deadline30 April 2018
Letter of recommendation deadline30 April 2018
Admissions decisions are made23 – 30 May 2018
Deadline for student to respond to offer24 June 2018

Please note you must complete your application by the Round 3 deadline if :

  • You are applying in French or Portuguese
  • Your country of residence (where you live) is one of the countries listed below:


Côte d’IvoireNigerTunisiaEgypt
Congo, Democratic Republic

If you are a non-English speaking applicant there are specific application deadlines that you must apply to that will allow you to participate in the English Immersion Programme. Click here to learn more about the English Immersion Programme and whether you are required to participate in the programme.

Round 4

Online application form deadline31 May 2018
Letter of recommendation deadline31 May 2018
Admissions decisions are made3 – 10 July 2018
Deadline for student to respond to offer3 August 2018