Announcing ALU’s new campus in Kigali, Rwanda

Africa is home to some of the world’s most diverse people within and across its countries, making it a land rich in untapped opportunities. ALU offers an experience designed to address one of the continent’s greatest challenges- accessible education that develops ethical and entrepreneurial leaders. By opening multiple campuses across Africa, we are bringing this world-class education directly to you.

Two different places,
one amazing experience.

ALU currently has a campus in Mauritius, known as African Leadership College and has recently opened its doors to another campus in Kigali, known as African Leadership University Rwanda.

ALU campuses offer:

  • An innovative learning experience driven by the 7 meta skills – skills we believe are sought out by top employers across the globe. You will practice and master these skills in our Leadership Core.
  • A selection of degree programmes supplemented by our African Studies course.
  • A pan-African experience that gives you the opportunity to network and build relationships with some of the brightest, most passionate and driven peers and leaders on the continent.
  • A robust ALUAlive Programme for you to craft a meaningful student life experience for yourself, full of growth, discovery and ownership.

The only question that remains is, which campus is best for you?

Here are some quick facts about our two campuses.


ALC Mauritius


ALU Rwanda

LocationLocated in the northern region of Mauritius. Live and learn on a tropical paradise island often referred to as one of Africa’s most education-driven countries.ALU Rwanda will be located in the vibrant capital city of Kigali where you will immerse yourself in the heart of Africa’s safest and most innovative East African city.
HousingALC Mauritius is a fully residential campus. Students will be housed in dorms in the Grand Baie area.ALU Rwanda will be a non-residential campus. Students will be responsible for their own room and board.
  • Leadership Core
  • Degree Programmes (awarded by Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Internships
  • Leadership Core
  • Degree Programmes (will be awarded by African Leadership University)
  • Internships
Annual Tuition
Annual Tuition$10,000 Tuition and Housing$4,000 Tuition

“ALU is everything that a student wishes for. What I love is the diversity and energy of the students. We have a lot of young people who are motivated and do not wait to be told to do things. ALU is all about exploring and finding yourself and you have help from the community. Anyone who has a passion or vision or is trying to find who they are should definitely come here.”
Michael Mutie, ALC Mauritius Campus