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ALU Launches Second Campus in Rwanda

On Monday, September 11th, history was made as ALU Rwanda opened its doors to its first ever class made up of over 300 students from 23 different African countries. The day kicked off with registration at the North Wing of the campus. Read more.

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Expanding College Career Through Real-world Experience

As another cycle of internships concludes this week, ALU students return to campus with diverse, rich experiences working all over Africa. At ALU, we believe that “college-to-career” is a journey from curiosity to competence, so the curriculum and learning model is designed to capture the imagination of students and equip them with quality resources and an education to impress employer partners.

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Explore ALU’s Innovative Work Environment

the African Leadership University is committed to doing more than simply tearing down the walls of your cubicle to create “the workplace of the future.” It is committed to tearing down the old-fashioned notion of top-down management, bringing in a collaborative, meaningful dialogue between its community – a dialogue that enriches the lives of everyone involved in the life-long learning experience at ALU.

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Handpicked Inspirational 2017 Commencement Speeches

ALU plays a leading role in empowering future leaders from around the world and staying commitment to study during the years pay off, as elucidated by these successful people in recent commencement speeches.

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Partnerships Catching Fire, Inspiring Students with a Global Focus

Marielle Van der Meer, Vice-President of Global Affairs at the university points out, “Our aim is to offer our students the best possible global exposure – and expose the world to the richness of our community. Education doesn’t stop at borders – so neither should we.”

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