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ALU Undergraduate Programme

African Leadership College, Mauritius

ALU’s flagship undergraduate programme is 3-4 years in length. You will spend your first year in ALU’s unique ‘Leadership Core’ which focuses on developing key ‘21st Century’ skills through courses such as Data and Decisions, Real World Projects, Communicating for Impact and Entrepreneurial Leadership. From year two onward, you enter a more specialized degree path of your choice awarded by our founding academic partner, Glasgow Caledonian University. Our programme will challenge your thinking and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the fields you are most passionate about. In addition to receiving world-class, formal education each year, you spend 8 months on campus and 4 months at work with one of our Employer Partners. Our inaugural undergraduate programme in Mauritius has been developed in partnership with our founding academic and accreditation partner, Glasgow Caledonian University and is awarded by GCU. All students will receive this internationally recognised UK-accredited degree.


ALU Postgraduate Programme

African Leadership University, Rwanda

The MBA Programme is the first truly pan-African MBA programme. Delivered in collaboration with Harvard Business School’s HBx programme, and leveraging content from Wharton Business School, The Drucker Institute and McKinsey Academy, provides rising business professionals, public sector leaders and entrepreneurs working in Africa, with the pan-African network, business expertise and leadership skills they need to take their performance and organisational impact to the next level. The programme is 20 months in length and is tailored for the busy, rising executive. Participants work and study concurrently, and travel for week-long, in-person sessions with their peers from across Africa 3-4 times a year. They also complete a Capstone Project within their organization to ensure they see immediate impact and return on investment.

Why You Should Study Abroad at ALU

ALU Study Abroad Programme

The ALU Study Abroad Programme is for International students looking to immerse themselves in a life-changing cultural experience, meet young people from diverse backgrounds and develop skills they can use in University or in their first job. Study Abroad students participate in ALU’s Leadership Core and have the optional extra to participate in an internship with one of our Employer Partners on the African continent. Students can select to participate from as short as 4 months to a full year.