Your journey

The ALU Undergraduate Programme is designed with your future in mind. We believe in preparing our students for the world of tomorrow filled with new ideas, big challenges and jobs that haven’t even been created yet. With that in mind, we have crafted a learning experience that allows you to continually apply the skills you learn, both in and out of the classroom and in everything you do.

In Year 1 you will participate in our Leadership Core courses intended to unlock your curiosity and challenge your approach to learning. From Year 2 onwards, you will enter a more specialized degree programme of your choice. While you won’t be taking Leadership Core courses, your degree programme will be supplemented with an African Studies Course to put your learning into the African context. In order to get the real world experience that is crucial to learning at ALU, you will spend 4 months in annual internships with our Employer Partners.

Leadership Core

Year 1: Develop your skills

ALU’s Learning Model is governed by the 7 Meta Skills we have identified as necessary skills for any graduate to be highly effective in the real world. Within these 7 Meta Skills are Core Skills that make up the tangible skillsets we apply on a daily basis from writing to quantitative reasoning, research and more. Our Leadership Core is the platform targeted at helping you develop these skills.

Degree Programmes

Year 2 onwards: Develop your passion

ALU offers a variety of bachelor degree programmes designed to address the gap between education and the real world by developing a curriculum that addresses the industry needs of our continent. We challenge you to declare a “mission” for your life, not just an academic “major”. ALU will expose you to the grand challenges and opportunities of our time, and work with you to define how you want to solve these problems and capture emerging opportunities.

All our degree programmes have been crafted by curating some of the best content from across the world delivered through our innovative Learning Model.

In addition to your degree programme, your learning will be supplemented by an African Studies course that puts your learning in the African and global context- working towards the mission for your life.

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12 months of work experience

Work experience is so crucial we’ve made it part of our curriculum.

Many graduates are unable to get jobs because they lack basic skills that employers want: effective writing and communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and more. We bridge the gap between education and industry and give you the platform to implement the skills you develop in the classroom directly into the real world through annual internships.

During your time at ALU, each year you will spend 8 months in the classroom and 4 months in an internship with one of our global Employer Partners. During these internships you will reinforce the 7 MetaSkills that you developed in your Leadership Core and specialized degree programme.

ALU’s Career Development Team (CDT) supports students through the internship process and offers workshops and services ranging from mock interviews to resume drafting, work etiquette, professional emails and the skills necessary to prepare you for the real working world.

By the time you graduate, you will have a bachelor’s degree and 12 months of work experience.